Moonshine Music Launches New Vinyl Division - Moonshine RGB

In an effort to step up support for the U.S. underground electronic music
scene, Moonshine Music, AmericaÇs premier independent electronic label has
created Moonshine RGB. Three distinct labels, Moonshine Red, Moonshine Green
and Moonshine Blue have been established to showcase emerging U.S.
electronic music talent via one-off singles releases, announces Steve Levy,
President of Moonshine Music.

In response to the massive amounts of creative material that makes it way to
the Moonshine offices, Moonshine RGB will provide an extraordinary channel
for previously unsigned, homegrown artists. While each of these new labels
will by and large focus on more defined genres, each will be geared to
recognize the constantly changing landscape of electronic music; Moonshine
Red will focus on House and Techno, Moonshine Green will feature Breakbeat
and Drum & Bass; and Moonshine Blue will be a vehicle for Trance and

Tori Barnao has been brought on to handle the day-to-day operations. Barnao
joins the Moonshine team from the Maverick Records promotions department.

"An incredible amount of great music is being created by unknown American
producers and I wanted a channel under the Moonshine umbrella to showcase
it," says Steve Levy, President, Moonshine Music. "RGB gives us an outlet
to get this music to the street quickly. It will also act as a kind of farm
league for us to nurture future Moonshine album artists."

About Moonshine Music

Moonshine Music is an independently owned and operated corporation
specializing in electronic music and DJ culture. Since its inception in
1992, Moonshine has sold millions of albums and built one of the largest
catalogs of electronic music in America. Moonshine Music is distributed
exclusively by Koch International in the United States and Canada, and
through a network of distributors around the world.


Moonshine Music Launches New Vinyl Division - Moonshine RGB