Bluetip to Release New Old Material

Fresh off their Japanese and European tours, D.C. post-punkers Bluetip are back home and already scheming to put some much needed cash in their pockets. The group has just released Post Mortem Anthem, a collection of six years worth of "maverick" songs, according to their website. Included on the disc are five previously unreleased songs from various recording sessions and five other songs that were previously available only on seven-inches and out-of-print compilations. Maverick songs; hmmm, labels are coming up with some creative terms for "not good enough for the album the first time around."


1. Spooky

2. Newport

3. Ephadrephine

4. 52 Girls

5. Orchestra

6. Haunted House

7. No.2

8. Routine Dictates

9. Retisonic

10. Japan


Bluetip to Release New Old Material