Queens Will Ring In The Spring With Deaf Jams

Interscope's throw-back dirty rock act Queens Of The Stone Age are busy
readying their next blast of aural intensity to unleash upon a willing audience. The
Queens, who are now down to a two-piece in name, frontman/guitarist Josh
Homme and bassist/sometime singer Nick Oliveri have enlisted some of
their friends on Songs For The Deaf. Foo Fighters boss man Dave
Grohl, Mark Lanegan, ex-leader of Screaming Trees and, of all
people, Dean Ween of Ween all feature on the recording, with the first
two more prominently than the latter. Lanegan is thought to be part of the
touring act as well, when the Queens hit the road in support of the album, which
is due to hit shelves sometime in the spring of next year.

In the meantime, if you need something to satisfy your Homme jones, check out
his Desert Sessions 7+8. The series, which he self-releases, is a crazy
jam-a-thon that always includes a few of Josh's buddies, and this time is no
exception. Amongst the guests joining him on this go-round are Samantha
Maloney of Hole and Eleven's Alain Johannes and Natasha
Shneider, as well as Lanegan. Tracks from previous Desert Sessions
have even ended up on Queens albums, so listen carefully.

Source: Billboard.com

Queens Will Ring In The Spring With Deaf Jams