Dave Grohl Is Too Creative for His Own Good

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has expressed some concern regarding the delay of the groups new album. Grohl said that he keeps remembering songs he had written while on the road and wants to give them all a shot at making the album. According to his online diary, the star claims to have 32 songs all vying for a spot on the record. Grohl said, “Man, oh man…it almost seems like the list of songs is getting longer. I keep remembering stuff that I wrote while we were out on tour for the last few years. Stuff that I never bothered to put on tape. Usually, if I think I’m onto something good, the least I’ll do is call my voicemail and leave ideas there, but so many of them slip through the cracks. I just remembered another one today, and I think we might give it a go. That means that the number of songs is up to 32. I really want to give every one of them a chance, but I’m afraid if I do we’ll be stuck in the basement for the next year and a half.”

The Foo Fighters latest group meeting was held in New York where they filmed the video for “The One,” one of the 32. Grohl continued, “We haven’t seen a rough cut (of the video) yet, and I don’t want to give it away, but I’m guessing that it’s going to be hilarious. We won’t be able to show our faces in public for a long, long time after this one. Here are some hints: It’s a parody of a famous movie from the early 80′s, there were tons of extras, I had to wear a gold chain, Nate has a roller skating scene, Chris…I don’t even wanna tell you what he had to do…and Taylor…he actually got off pretty easy on this one. Maybe next time MTV did one of those ‘Making of the Video’ thingies, so you’ll get to see all of the behind the scenes shit soon enough. Oh God, is it ever embarrassing. But, that’s the way we like it, right?”

Source: NME.com

POSTED November 29, 2001 12:00AM IN THE TRIPWIRE




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