Itís Always Better By Yourself ñ According to Elliott Smith

Portland based singer / songwriter Elliott
Smith has announced plans to record his new
album, From the Basement on the Hill, all
by his lonesome. Apparently the scruffy, self-
deprecating artist feels that modern machinery and
other people are to blame for the lackluster success
of his Dreamworks Records career. Smith
has been testing out some songs from the
upcoming album recently, including "Pretty (Ugly
Before) and "Strung Out Again" at some intimate
gigs. He promises "elaborate arrangements" on the
new record as well as a few special guests. The two
people blessed enough to be involved in
Smithis "I'll do it myself" record are both
drummers ñ Steven Drozd of the
Flaming Lips and Aaron Sperske
b> of Beachwood Sparks. Smith
b> plans to take drum lessons this winter in hopes
that he wonít have to talk to a single person while
recording in the future. From the Basement on
the Hill
will hit the shelves sometime this
spring via Dreamworks.

will play a few solo acoustic shows in

12-18 San Francisco, CA -
Great American Music Hall

12-20 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom

12-21 Seattle, WA - The Showbox


Itís Always Better By Yourself ñ According to Elliott Smith