Devo Mastermind Scores Tenenbaums

Mark Mothersbaugh, the main man behind Devoís quirky electronic pop, has written the score for Wes Andersonís The Royal Tenenbaums, making it the third time the pair have worked together. Mothersbaugh says that the Tenenbaums soundtrack is a logical progression from the work he did on Andersonís previous two films, Bottle Rocket and Rushmore. "Bottle Rocket was a jazz quintet, a little bit quirky," says the former Devo singer. "Rushmore was a little more Vivaldi influenced, a lot more sixteenth notes. This movie, although the sounds are related to the last two movies, kind of branched out further. I'd never used any horns before. The core of it is a cello and piano. There's a lot of harp in this movie, a lot of harpsichord, an acoustic upright bass. There's some chamber music sounding pieces in it, a lot of odd percussion things. Sometimes Wes would even pick up some drumsticks when we were recording some of the pieces." The soundtrack, out December 18th features songs by Bob Dylan, the Clash, the Ramones, the Velvet Underground, Nico and Elliott Smith as well as the Mothersbaugh originals.

Mothersbaugh claims that the close relationship he and Wes Anderson have enable them to consistently release soundtracks of the highest quality, a rarity in the modern world of film soundtracks. "Wes is very careful about the songs he uses. He's very passionate about the music that goes in his movies. A lot of times the director gets pushed out of the loop and the record company wants all their artists on it and the result is the music is pretty interchangeable. He's listening to music when he's writing it and so the music as part of the film makes it all the more relevant. It doesn't sound like some unnecessary icing."

The Royal Tenenbaums track listing:

"111 Arthur Avenue"*

"These Days," Nico

"String Quartet in F major (Second Movement)," Ysaye Quartet

"Lindbergh Palace Suite"*

"Wigwam," Bob Dylan

"Look At That Old Grizzly Bear"*

"Lullaby," Emitt Rhodes

"Mothersbaugh's Canon"*

"Police & Thieves," the Clash

"Scrapping and Yelling"*

"Judy Is A Punk," the Ramones

"Pagoda's Theme"*

"Needle in the Hay," Elliot Smith

"Fly," Nick Drake

"I Always Wanted To Be A Tenenbaum"*

"Christmas Time Is Here," Vince Guaraldi Trio

"Stephanie Says," The Velvet Underground

"Rachel Evans Tenenbaum (1965-2000)"*

"Sparkplug Minuet"*

"The Fairest of the Seasons," Nico

*Originals by Mark Mothersbaugh


Devo Mastermind Scores Tenenbaums