Live: Saves The Day Rescue Chicago's House of Blues

Even on a school night the junior and senior high school kids from Illinoisí finest learning institutions, along with approximately fourteen senior citizens (21 and over cats) managed to pack the House of Blues in last night to witness a striking performance from Saves The Day. The set list was drenched in older tracks from the New Jersey quintetís first pair of records, Canít Slow Down and Through Being Cool, which were released on the Equal Vision imprint. Fans of the Rob Schnapf produced keepsake, Stay What You Are, the bandís Vagrant debut and powerhouse contender for 2001 album of the year, were treated to most of the albumís delights. ìCars and Caloriesî, ìCertain Tragedyî, ìAs Your Ghost Takes Flightî, and the show-stopping smash ìAt Your Funeralî mark a few standouts from the sweaty, hour-long set. Apparently, the drummer Bryan Newman has left the band, and double duty man Damon Atkinson, who also holds wood for Hey Mercedes, banged the skins on the evening I attended.

Saves The Day are an extremely young group that has been performing since they met in the same delivery room exchanging pacifiers. Singer Chris Conley can blow like a golden whistle, and even strapped on an acoustic guitar to perform three unbelievable solo ballads midway through the set. Rich Egan may have another Dashboard Confessional in the making as the young, blonde voice of Saves The Day could be the second Chris on the Vagrant roster to leave his band in pursuit of a solo journey.

The three remaining members of Braid known as Hey Mercedes played a fairly ìunwelcomeî set to the anxious pre-pubescent kids whose attention span vanished once the twenty something four-piece plugged in. ìA-list actressî, ìEleven to your Sevenî, ìLetís Go Blueî and ìThe Frowning of a Lifetimeî were a few tasty treats from their set. Rumor has it that Hey Mercedesí guitarist Mark Dawursk might be leaving the band once their tour ends. Isnít everything peaches and cream in rock and roll or is that just a pathetic myth? Everynight Fire Works is a nifty piece of work which one should definitely get their hands on.

Saves The Day have an amazing fan base, and although most of those children have to sneak into R-rated movies, they have the same color money as a dead man and they own every piece of music that the dudes have put out. They are faithful, they know all of the words, and they skip school lunches to cop that dope Saves The Day Quija-themed shirt to wear on Monday. Saves The Day have a fantastic record, amazing support from Vagrant and Bill Carroll, and could quite possibly take over the world one day, or grow facial hairÖwhichever comes first.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Saves The Day Rescue Chicago's House of Blues