Moonshine Music Invades The Silver Screen

Moonshine Music, America's premier indie electronic music label expands its
brand by launching new division, Moonshine Movies. The fist two titles,
ìTransambientî and ìSpaced Out,î are scheduled for release on January 22nd,
2002, on DVD. This could make a great feature about the new concept of the
"Party In" crowd. (Partying In refers to the new breed of consumer that
chooses to entertain at home instead of going out clubbing or to raves.
Typically the average lifespan of a clubber is around four years, so what
are they to do after that if they still love the music... Party In.) With
the launch of Moonshine Movies and their first two DVD offerings,
"Transambient" and "Spaced Out", Moonshine taps into that special market.

Moonshine Music has been at the top of the Indie Electronic Music game since
1992, releasing discs from top artists such as Carl Cox, Keoki, Christopher
Lawrence, Micro and Tall Paul to name but a few. With the broad acceptance
of DVDs in the market place, it was the next logical step for Moonshine to
take - the first Indie Label to marry film and electronic music for business
and consumer markets.

Drawing on Moonshineís nearly ten years of brand recognition, Moonshine
Movies will focus on content relevant to electronic music culture, including
documentaries, television programming, short films and audio-visual DVDs.
"Transambient" and "Spaced Out" are the first in Moonshine's AV:X(tm) (Audio
Visual Xperience) series. AV:X(tm) is a fusion of film and electronic music,
taking the viewer on a journey through their own imagination, a new way to
visualize this musical genre. Both ìTransambientî and ìSpaced Outî are
products of a unique content output agreement with London-based audiovisual
pioneers, Addictive TV.

A release schedule of more than ten DVDís, including the Moonshine Movies
original documentary, ìAmerican Massive,î about touring DJs, is slated for

In addition to this, we have planned premier parties for "Transambient" and
"Spaced Out" in the following cities at the following venues:

12/23 - New York, NY - Peace On Earth @ Roseland Ballroom

12/31 - Denver, CO - Together @ Vinyl

12/31 - Boston, MA - Avaland @ Avalon & Axis

1/5 - Seattle, WA - Remedy @ Showbox

1/9 - St. Louis, MO - Velvet

1/11 - Phoenix, AZ - Kind @ Freedom

1/11 - San Diego, CA - Studio 64 @ Montage

1/11 - Dallas, TX - Red Jacket

1/16 - Cleveland, OH - Jungle Lounge @ Spy Bar

1/18 - Pittsburgh, PA - Groove @ Club Laga

1/18 - Charlotte, NC - KingPin Series @ Mythos

1/18 - Detroit, MI - Motor

1/18 - Washington D.C.- Buzz @ Nation

1/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Giant

1/19 - Chicago, IL - Pure @ RedNoFive

1/20 -Columbus, OH - Clockwork @ Fabric

1/24 - Jacksonville, FL - Therapy @ Fat Kat

1/25 - New Orleans, LA - State Palace Theater

Premier parties, tba in Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Sacramento,
and Milwaukee.


Moonshine Music Invades The Silver Screen