Live: Weezer Play Another Show; Anyone Seen An Indian With A Pillow?

Now I'm no Miss Cleo, but here is my first prediction of 2002; Weezer will release their fourth album which could possibly be a two-disc bonanza. Now send me money. Weezer shuffled through each of their three records last night, and even belted out five new songs, most of which can be described as metal pop songs. Rivers Cuomo writes a new song everyday, and the past three shows that I have seen featured a set of completely new songs, which makes me think that some of these numbers will be recorded. Drummer Pat Wilson attempted to switch his drum pattern on a few songs which made the set really irritating, and does anyone know whose dad is playing bass for the band? Rivers mumbled absurd non sequitors before changing guitars after each song. He used a flying "V" along with a ZZ Top looking Z shaped guitar, and shouted out statements like "classic" or "it is in the photograph" after songs. Weirdo. The band sounded flat, probably because they have been promoting this Green album for what seems like forever, touring with everyone from Cold to the newly reformed Kicking Harold. I swear that I saw Matt Sharp in the parking lot selling demo's of new Rentals material but maybe it was just a bum. The over hyped play list is inside, which included "Tired Of Sex", "Don't Let Go" and "In The Garage" among others. Weezer need to get off the road, get rid of the 90 year old fossil playing bass, and take some time off.


Unknown *

Island in the Sun

In The Garage

Your (mood, world, moon?) *


Tired Of Sex

Changing the Mood*


My Name Is Jonas

Fall Together *



Living Without You *

Don't Let Go

Say It Ain't So

Hash Pipe

Only In Dreams


Buddy Holly

Surf Wax America

* New Song

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Weezer Play Another Show; Anyone Seen An Indian With A Pillow?