Another seemingly well-connected baby band to report on. This time it's Vex Red
who were signed to Ross Robinson's I Am imprint after Ross checked them
out in person and decided to add them to his stable, which already included Slipknot and Amen. The Red, while hot as heavy as those two artists, are still a heavy sounding outfit, driving rhythms and guitars
chugga-chugging away, but with sung vocals, versus screaming, which always makes all the
difference. Plus they add a technological edge, with programming and electronica bits.
"Itch" is in Linkin Park territory, but without the rapping. A nice taster of things to
come and perhaps the band will benefit from their UK and European tours with
Bush. I Am Recordings is an imprint of Virgin, so, hopefully, we'll see these boys
on this side of the pond in the near future.

Vex Red
I Am Recordings