Wednesday Express - New Blackalicious on MCA; Moby on Mid East Conflict

DJ Shadow disciples Blackalicious have a sophomore album in the pipeline
and have found a major label home, as well. The hip-hop duo, known separately as
Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab, released their debut on Quannum Projects, the
label they started with Shadow and another hip-hop posse, Latryx and
Lyrics Born back in school in Davis, CA, except it was called Solesides at that time.
Fast forward to 2001 and the band has moved on to MCA for their second record, due out
March 19, 2002.

?ber-political dance music mogul Moby has offered his opinion out on the current
disturbance in the Middle East. Never one to keep his remarks to himself, the bald beat
aficionado offered this on his website: "Damn fuck. Three Palestinian suicide bombings in
24 hours? Fuck them. They are killing innocent people. I don't care about the politics
involved. I don't care about issues of autonomy and statism." It seems this subject has
really riled him up. He continued, "I don't care about avenging historical wrongs. Lots of
innocent people are dead and I don't see how anyone can defend or justify that. What sane
Muslim in the world really thinks that Allah is pleased by the deaths of innocent people?"
Lastly, he added "Religious fanaticism is getting more and more offensive every day. If you
want to be a fanatic, fine, just keep your fanaticism to yourself and stop killing innocent
people." I guess Moby may have been describing himself in the last sentence, as
he used to spout his born-again ramblings at everyone who would listen just a few years

Source: The Tripwire Information Society

Wednesday Express - New Blackalicious on MCA; Moby on Mid East Conflict