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China Declares War on Fatboy, Not to Keen on Hawaiian Shirts Either

Fatboy Slimís first attempt at breaking down the great wall ended in disaster Thursday, when the Shanghai police pulled the plug on the party-bringer supremeís show at the Typhoon Club. Fatboy should have guessed that some problems would arise after seeing the sign out front of the venue which read "No Dancing by order of the Public Security Bureau"- (thatís not even a joke). Before the show began, hundreds of ticket holding Chinese kids were left standing in the rain outside of the club (I would call it a dance club, but since thereís no dancingÖ) as the Shanghai Gestapo claimed the venue was filled to capacity. When Fatboy finally managed to get the show rolling, he was stopped for the first time in under an hour while the police told the club owners to play slower music. As you might have guessed, Fatboy Slim didnít exactly comply with the moo shoo porkís order and was shut down for good 15 minutes later. The DJ is now in prison in China and it is doubtful whether we will ever hear from him again (ok that oneís a joke). This just in ñ some top secret US government documents have been leaked which reveal details of a US Special Forces mission to be carried out over Chinese airspace. Apparently half a million copies of the 80ís classic Footloose (dubbed in their native language) will be dropped over major Chinese cities in an effort to instigate a civil uprising.


China Declares War on Fatboy, Not to Keen on Hawaiian Shirts Either