Tenacious D Tour Diary - Cleveland 12/7/01

Basically sat around watching TV all day...Seems the Taliban have finally
thrown in the towel, layoffs continue to plague the manufacturing sector
here in Ohio, and Bush Jr. recalls Pearl Harbor 60 years ago today-draws
parallels to the horrible WTC tragedy...This is what happens on a typical
day off. You stop moving for a second and then suddenly you notice that
there is a world going on around you...and fuck it - if it isn't exactly the
same as it was when we started this whole thing. I remember what Beck once
said about being on tour, It's kinda like the movie "Ground Hog Day" where
Bill Murray wakes up every morning and is doomed to repeat the same day, day
after day. It's like that on tour...

You wake up around 10am (maybe 3:45pm if you're Jables...)You do your thing,
take a car to the venue, get settled in the dressing room, do sound check,
eat mediocre catering, watch Jimmy Eat World, play own set (90% of which was
the same the night before), get off stage, shower, watch Weezer play their
set, get on bus, go to the next town, check into the hotel around 4am, and
wake-up the next day...continuing the same routine. And there is this
comfortable sense of emotional impenetrability on tour that you get after
having repeated the same day for 3 weeks and knowing that there will be 3
more weeks just like it ahead of you. And you grow to love it, dare I say
need it...every man is an island of moral invincibility and then one day
you're fucked...

People! The D is being ripped at the seems by its very make-up! This
post-ironic outlook has doubled back on itself just like the new-puritans
(damn them for always being right!) said it would and now who knows what it
right or what is funny? Do you know what I'm talking about? Have any of you
too-old-for-your-own-good pretenders been to a show yet? How is it that the
Weezer girls and boys (sincere, ready to rock, and without pretension or
piercings) have muscled their way passed the rabid D fans to the front of
the barricade to stare down Jack and Kyle in a contest of wits that our team
has been set up to fail? Everyone knows that in 45 minutes we have to pack
it in so that the real heroes can make the world safe again! For fuck's sake
there is a greater risk of being hurt in the Weezer mosh pit in Kalamazoo
then on the front lines in Kandahar! Who are we kidding? There are
battlefields raging all over the world and though the economy in Ohio is
going to shit, the good guys are winning everywhere, and god damn if this
tour isn't hitting percentages every fucking night!

...All I'm saying people is that for the D this tour has to stand for more!
We're at the point in this tour where, like B. Murray character, we need to
learn to play the piano or give CPR. How have our adversaries not been
exposed for the sell outs that they are? I'll tell you why...they're better
than we are. We gave up so easily back in the mid-nineties and now it's too
fucking late! We will have a good time, make no mistake, but that's a about
as far as it will go. We need a break from this vacation! It's too much

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Tenacious D Tour Diary - Cleveland 12/7/01