This Is Neat

The British indie guitar band renaissance is under way and Crackout is definitely
taking part. Alongside other promising newcomers, such as Hundred Reasons,
The Music, The Cooper Temple Clause and more, Crackout are
getting their guitars out and making use of them, without injecting any of that rapcore
nonsense into it. The trio from Buckingham, only one of whom can legally drink in the
States, make punk-pop that sounds vaguely American, combining aspects of
Weezer and The Pixies but adding something their own and English to it,
as well. What they do best is to pick up their instruments and make a tuneful racket, as all
the best guitar bands do. Aaaah, the energy and vigor of youth. Check out "You Dumb
Fuck" on the Cornerstone Player 028, in your grubby little hands now.


This Is Neat