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Grohl, Novoselic Give Love A Taste of her Own Medicine

"Incompetent prima donna" Courtney Love (couldnít have said it any better myself) isnít going to gain control of Nirvana without a fight. Surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have entered the courtroom in an effort to bitch slap their band back from Cobainís filthy widow. The pair have filed papers in the Superior Court of Washington seeking an action to overturn an earlier court order allowing Love to block the release of a special edition Nirvana box set. Grohl and Novoselic are also seeking to have Love thrown out of Nirvana LLC, the company the three had formed in 1997 "to continue to nourish the assets of the Nirvana legacy." The reason cited for the ousting is because of the fact that "in her professional dealings, Love is irrational, mercurial, self-centred, unmanageable, inconsistent and unpredictable." They also labelled her "incompetent" and a prima donna. Sounds about right from here. However, they didnít reserve their defamation of Loveís character to the courtroom. In an open letter to Nirvana fans, Novolselic and Grohl said that Loveís actions were about "the revitalisation of her career, motivated solely by her blind self-interest. She couldn't care less about Nirvana fans. The Nirvana legacy is becoming tangled up in her own ambitious agenda." Love has yet to respond, but weíll be sure to keep you posted.


Grohl, Novoselic Give Love A Taste of her Own Medicine