Live: Team Sleep Cure Insomnia In San Francisco

Team Sleep rocked the house last night in San Francisco! No? Oh. Damn.
Team-Cause-You-To-Sleep more like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's Chino
Moreno from the Deftones' side project (even featuring Rick from
Tinfed! Really!) but since when does a side project's source make the side project
viable? Remember Martin L. Gore's solo record? The Other Two?
Brad? You get the point...Team Sleep are nothing like Deftones, all
drum loops and atmospherics, but no discernible hooks. The show lasted about an hour, but
not a single song in the bunch until the show closer, which fell in somewhere in Queens
of the Stone Age dirge rock territory. Listen, I'm not writing them off completely, but I
sure hope the CD is better than what I saw last night...

Source: Jeremy P. Goldstein

Live: Team Sleep Cure Insomnia In San Francisco