BT Stands For Burgled Trancestar

Producer, DJ and general beat-rocker extraordinaire, BT, got a taste of the ugly side
of life recently, as he returned home from Christmas break to find that his home studio had
been burglarized. 'NSYNC's producer returned from London, came home, and saw
thousands of dollars of empty space where important equipment used to be, including his
last three months of work. A spokesperson says that the work stolen was only remix
material, which he could recreate, and that no material for his upcoming fourth studio album,
which will include guest appearances from Sarah McLachlan, The Roots,
and Peter Gabriel, was lost. No date has been set for the new record, but one only
hopes the burglary doesn't set that project back exponentially.

Source: Sonicnet

BT Stands For Burgled Trancestar