Rough Trade Pays Homage To Electronic Music Past And Present

Legendary U.K. indie label Rough Trade has announced the release of an electronic music compilation, Electronic 01, that celebrates the genres history as well as its future. The two-disc set was compiled by staff members at the Rough Trade retail stores and features 40 tracks from electronic pioneers Brian Eno, Can, and John Cage, veteran acts like Human League and New Order, and todayís stars such as Aphex Twin, Oval, and Stereolab. A small number of special live dates are in the works to coincide with the records March 18th release, though no artists have yet been confirmed.

Tracklist: Electronic 01:

Disc 1:

Brian Eno, "Signals"

Rod Freeman & The Blue Men, "I Hear a New World"

Oval, "Kardamon"

Barbara Morgenstern, "Die Liebe (R. Lippok: Schneekristall Mix)"

Throbbing Gristle, "Hot on the Heels of Love"

Christian Zanesi, "Marseille 2"

BBC Radiophonic Workshop, "Doctor Who (Original Theme)"

I-F, "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Radio Edit)"

Raymond Scott, "Bufferin: 'Memories' (Original)"

Schneider TM Vs. Kpt. Michi Gan, "The Light 3000"

Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, "Day Breaks, Night Heals"

Autechre, "Basscadet"

New Order, "586"

Matmos, "Freak 'n' You"

Uusital, "Between Kate and Naomi"

Pierre Henry, "Atelier"

Aphex Twin, "Inkey $"

Terre Thaemlitz, "D.C. D.O.A."

Kraftwerk, "The Robots"

John Cage, "Radio Music (Edit)"

Non, "Out Out Out"

Disc 2:

Faust, "Just a Second (Starts Like That!)"

To Rococo Rot, "Cars (Variant)"

Can, "I Want More"

Stereolab, "Freestyle Dumping"

Pan Sonic, "Arvio"

Arovane, "Tascel_7"

LB, "Superbad"

D, "Firspk"

Human League, "Being Boiled"

Aux 88, "Direct Drive (Edit)"

Bruce Haack, "Mean Old Devil"

Kevin Blechdom, "Peanuts"

Fischerspooner, "Turn On"

Thomas Brinkmann, "Trixie"

The Normal, "Warm Leatherette"

Depeche Mode, "Big Muff"

Dexter, "Senderwahl"

Fennesz, "011"

Farben, "At The Golden Circle Stockholm Vol.1, 1965"

Elph Vs. Coil, "Ended"


Rough Trade Pays Homage To Electronic Music Past And Present