Craig Armstrong Wants Bono to Stay (Faraway, So Close)

Scottish composer and arranger pimp maximus, Craig Armstrong, is due to unleash
a new album of sweeping atmospherics and beats and has roped in a few people who owe
him favors to help him round out his album. The instrumentalist, who has done
compositions and/or string arrangements in the past for such luminaries as
Madonna, Massive Attack and Bjork, will be joined this time
around by his buddy Bono, as well as Scottish noisemeisters Mogwai,
drum and bass head Photek and all around Dude, Evan Dando.
Bono jumps on board for a 2002 update of "Stay (Faraway, So Close)," according
to Launch. The track, which originally featured on U2's 1993 adventuresome
Zooropa album, will be included on Armstrong's new work, entitled As If
To Nothing,
which drops on April 2 on Melankolic/Astralwerks.

Craig Armstrong Wants Bono to Stay (Faraway, So Close)