Coldplay Recording Like Maniacs

Finally sticking in and trying to get some songs done, Coldplay have entered the
studio and have completed five songs over the past four weeks. The UK guitar-poppers are
in London, under the watchful eye of producers Ken Nelson and Mark
Phythian, writing the follow-up to 2000's wondrous Parachutes, and have been
particularly fruitful in their efforts the past few weeks. As their manager, Phil Harvey,
stated on the Coldplay website, "this band works best at pace. The past few days have been
a complete case in point. Five new songs in four weeks, all destined for a place on the final
tracklisting." The song's names can't be revealed as this time, as the band has sworn
Harvey to secrecy at this point. The album, which was earlier reported to have been
majorly shaped by the events of September 11, is due to hit shelves in the UK in the fall.

Coldplay Recording Like Maniacs