Live: Phantom Planet-On Screen And In Person At The House of Blues, Chicago

Last night I checked out a screening of the hilarious new movie Slackers, starring Jason Schwartzman. Slackers was written by David H. Steinberg, a Yale graduate and story creator for American Pie 2, which should give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into when you witness this over the top "love story." Following the flick, the sold out House of Blues audience was treated to a thumping performance from Phantom Planet, starring Jason Schwartzman. February 26 is the release date of The Guest, the highly anticipated sophomore release from this Los Angeles based quintet with stars in their eyes and talent in their souls. Later in the hotel, the band previewed a homemade porno titled Donkeypunch Ní Judy, starring Jason Anfinsen, which everyone but me utterly despised.

Slackers is focused on a trio of college kids that steal, lie, and pull every scam in and out of the book in order to get ahead and be successful. Their plan to cheat on a mid-term gets intercepted by "Cool Ethan" (Schwartzman) who blackmails the crew to help him get the girl of his psychotic dreams (James King). Schwarztman (I promise to mention his long ass name a dozen more times) is golden all the way throughout this picture. Conjuring up memories of his performance in Rushmore, "Cool Ethan" improvises and powers through scenes with epileptic fits of energy which help keep the plot line real, and heighten his insanity and lust for a women which he will never have. Slackers is a dose of Porkyís mixed with a "handful" of American Pie, and seasoned with good old fashioned poop humor that the kids are dying to spend their money on these days. Definitely check it out.

Phantom Planet are so tight, that they make Joan Rivers' face fucking jealous. The guys are such good friends that they play off of each otherís backs extremely well (seriously at times throughout the set they lean on each other and butt heads). Alexís vocals sounded scratchy for the first few songs, which were relatively unknown to these ears (and to the front rows of devoted fans in the audience). Highlights included "Hey Now Girl," "Always On My Mind," "In Our Darkest Hour," "All Over Again," "California," and a Chicago tribute version of "Surrender." This is a rock band. They rock. They play powerful, fun, pop songs that radio loves. They are Teen Beat cover models in the making, and they are talented as all get out. Save your ducats now for the release of The Guest, February 26 on Epic.

Donkeypunch Ní Judy is the best amateur porno movie ever and I rock hard in it, in more ways than one!

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live: Phantom Planet-On Screen And In Person At The House of Blues, Chicago