The Tour To End All Tours Announced

How's this for a tour? World's tastiest beverage purveyor Jagermeister sponsors a tour with
world's most talented tunesmiths Drowning Pool headlining and Coal
Chamber in support. They are calling it the Jagermeister Music Tour, but, for my
money, you might as well call it the Three Times Suck Tour. Those bands, that liquid and
Grand Rapids, MI on March 20. That sounds like a dream come true, all the way around.
Jesus hell. Two third-rate metal acts and a drink I wouldn't imbibe even if it got me a date
with Rachel Leigh Cook. I was going to tell you the rest of the dates, but does it
matter? Would you even go if you knew? If so, say hi to this dude for me...

The Tour To End All Tours Announced