Albarn Goes Hippy With Honest Jon's

Damon Albarn, the frontman for Britpop faves Blur, as well as hip hop
flava o' the year Gorillaz has decided to start his own record label. According to the
NME, The Honest Jon's label will cater towards "world music" and is run in
conjunction with the London record store of the same name. The premiere release on the
fledgling label is to be an album by Albarn himself and he will be joined by
musicians from the country of Mali on the record, wittily entitled Mali Music. The label
plans on releasing music from many nations and has the vast umbrella of "world music" as
a general theme, so as not to be pigeonholed as to their direction. Sounds indie, don't it?

Albarn Goes Hippy With Honest Jon's