No Longer A Method Of Mayhem, Tommy Lee Goes It Alone

Ex-Motley Crue drummer and Pamela Andersonís baby daddy, Tommy Lee, is releasing his first set of new material since 1999ís self-titled Methods of Mayhem album. This time out, he has rid himself of the Mayhem moniker and is releasing Never A Dull Moment under his own name on May 21 via MCA. The album was produced by Scott Humphrey of Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000 fame, and was written and recorded solely by Lee himself. Some special guests do manage to pop up however, including Incubus axe-man Mike Einziger and Deftonesí Chino Moreno. According to, the albumís fist single is entitled "Hold Me Down" and is set to impact radio in March. If the album breaks the top 20, Pamela Anderson has said that she will start returning Leeís phone calls. No word yet on a Kid Rock / Tommy Lee / Pam Anderson three-way home video release, but weíll keep you posted.

Track Listing

1. "Afterglow"

2. "Sunday"

3. "Body Architects"

4. "Ashamed"

5. "Face to Face"

6. "Fame-02"

7. "Blue"

8. "Higher"

9. "Hold Me Down"

10. "Why Is It"

11. "People So Strange"

12. "Mr. Shitty"

No Longer A Method Of Mayhem, Tommy Lee Goes It Alone