'80s Mall Trash Tiffany Gets Nakey For Playboy

I couldn't make up a better story if I tried. '80s semi-pop-icon and all around girl about the
mall Tiffany has moved on from her recording and has decided TO DO A
SPREAD FOR PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. Yes, I'm serious. The popstar who is best
known for her covers of "I Think We're Alone Now" and "I Saw Him Standing There," as
well as her splendid videos shot for $63.28 at local malls, will appear in the April 2002
issue. According to her website, tiffany.org, the pictorial is "a move that's sure to attract
some controversy," not to mention an attempt to jump start a career that has less life than those
damn Jared Subway commercials that are on TV every 7.2 seconds.

'80s Mall Trash Tiffany Gets Nakey For Playboy