Illness Strikes The Gadjits On The Road

Brandon Phillips, singer of Kansas City's The Gadjits, was hospitalized after
a show at The Grog Shop in Cleveland during the band's North American tour.
The band initially presumed the singer's condition was due to his suffering
from Chrons Disease. Phillips was diagnosed with the immune system
disorder a few years back which, leaves his digestive system constantly under
attack. After running a series of tests, Phillips was diagnosed with a
nasty virus, unrelated to Chrons, and The Gadjits jumped back in the van and
headed to the next show in Buffalo. The show was cut short however when
Phillips condition worsened. At press time, The Gadjits have cancelled
tonight's date in New Hampshire and hope to pick the tour back up in New
Jersey on Friday. Yesterday The Gadjits' 3rd record, Today Is My Day, was released on Chicago's THICK Records.

Source: Billy Spunke, owner THICK Records

Illness Strikes The Gadjits On The Road