Another Dark Film, Another Soundtrack Packed With Hard Rock

Resident Evil, one of Play Stationís most successful games, has become a feature length film that will open in US theatres on March 15th. The film is creepy and dark, which means the soundtrack will follow suit. The hard rock-packed soundtrack, sporting acts like Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Static X, and Marilyn Manson, will be released March 12th via Roadrunner. According to Billboard, the setís first single will be a remix of Slipknotís "My Plague," dubbed the "New Abuse Mix." The song was originally featured on the freaky, mask-wearing groupís latest release, Iowa. The set will also feature a drastically altered version of Ill Ninoís "What Comes Around," that will have a death metal-type vibe according to the guitarist, Marc Rizzo. In other hard rock soundtrack news, a new track from Coal Chamber ("Glow") will be included on the upcoming Scorpion King soundtrack, which also includes contributions from Creed, P.O.D., Godsmack, System Of A Down, Nickelback, and Sevendust. A street date for this album has yet to be determined. In an effort to take advantage of the recent boom in hard rock, animated motion picture giant, Disney, will stray away from its traditional bubbly pop ballads in the new Peter Pan film. Instead, the soundtrack will feature contributions from Nashville Pussy, Rob Zombie, and Black Sabbath, among others.

Confirmed Resident Evil Tracks As Of Today:

Slipknot, "My Plague" (New Abuse Mix)
Marilyn Manson, "The Fight Song" (Slipknot remix)

Coal Chamber, "Something Told Me"

The Crystal Method, "Name of the Game" (Clean Name)

Mudvayne, "Dig" (Everything and Nothing Remix)

Static X, "Anything but This"

Rammstein, "Hellelujah"

Method Man, "Release Yo Self" (Prodigy Mix)

Ill Nino, "What Comes Around" (Day of the Dead Mix)

Five Pointe O, "The Infinity"

Another Dark Film, Another Soundtrack Packed With Hard Rock