Coldplay's Chris Martin Gettin' Busy (NOT LIKE THAAAAT!)

Keeping busy recently is Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who has
managed to get in the news today by both featuring on another band's new album and
making a live guest appearance with one of the biggest bands of their day. First off,
Martin has offered out his services on vocals to UK act Faultline (who?
I'm the resident UK music aficionado, and I have NO CLUE) on the track "Where Is My
Boy" and on another, yet untitled song, according to Also guesting on this
smash hit album is Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips, which leads me to
believe this band is bigger than I realize. Oops.

Then, last night, Martin joined Liverpudlian '80s indie heroes Echo and the
Bunnymen on stage in Manchester for "Nothing Lasts Forever." Evidently the
Bunnymen and Coldplay are holed up in the same studio currently and hence
the new found friendship. Awww, how cute. Look how Martin respects his

Coldplay's Chris Martin Gettin' Busy (NOT LIKE THAAAAT!)