Say Something

Fresh off the release of their debut album, Between The Senses, UK quartet
Haven crash into the Newly Discovered chart again with their fourth UK single,
"Say Something." You may remember this lot from The Player #28: the singer and guitarist
grew up in the same area, had heard about each other, but never met until they bumped into
each other in the local record shop? Well, I, for one, am glad they did. Haven
continue their successful mix of soaring vocals and jangly guitars, sounding like a aural
smoothie made from The Verve, Radiohead, and UK indie act
Puressence ("who" you ask? Talk to Howie Miura. He'll tell you.). With
the strength of their auspicious debut, Haven are one of the brightest hopes for the
UK music scene in 2002 and a band definitely worth looking into.


Say Something