The Promise Ring Await The Flood Of Woodwater

Milwaukee's third favorite export The Promise Ring (The Packers and Cheese will always reign supreme) are anxiously awaiting the release of Woodwater, the band's fourth album, which will see the light of day on April 23 via ANTI. Stephen Street, (Louder Than Bombs) and Blur (Parklife), produced this gorgeous escape from floor stomping terror-rock in a country house in the lush and serene landscape of England. The Ring will shoot a video for the first single, "Stop Playing Guitar," with the Icelandic artistic minds of Arni + Kinski (formerly of Gus Gus). The duo recently recorded the surreal clip for Sigur Ros' "Vidrar
vel til Loftarasa." The Promise Ring will play a few shows in March, including a showcase at the annual South By Southwest festival in Austin. Rub the "more" button the right way for a complete track listing of Woodwater, and select tour dates.


1 Size Of Your Life

2 Stop Playing Guitar

3 Suffer Never

4 Become One Anything One Time

5 Wake Up April

6 Get On The Floor

7 Half Year Sun

8 My Life Is At Home

9 Letters To The Far Reaches

10 Bread & Coffee

11 Say Goodbye Good

12 Feed The Night

Promise Ring tour dates:

3/11: Iowa City, IA, Gabe's Oasis

3/12: Columbia, MO, Shattered

3/14: Austin, SxSW Convention

3/17: Tulsa, OK, Curly's

Source: Jason Anfinsen

The Promise Ring Await The Flood Of Woodwater