Le Tigre Love Le Remixes

Synth pop feminists Le Tigre are gearing up to take the dance world by storm with a remix album featuring NYC area DJs reworking six of the bandís songs. Titled Remix 12, the EP will hit the streets via Mr. Lady Records in vinyl format only on February 19. However, according to Pitchforkmedia.com, Mr. Lady will drop a CD version in May. Remix covers tracks from both Le Tigre LPís and the From the Desk of Mr. Lady EP. Check more for the full Remix 12 track list.

01 Tres Bien (Nouveau Disco mix) - Analog Tara

02 On Guard (En Garde mix) - Swim with the Dolphins

03 Mediocrity Rules (41 Small Stars mix) - DJ Ham & Cheese on Rye

04 Dyke March 2001 (Reid's Aphro-dykey mix) - Reid Speed

05 Deceptacon (DFA remix) - Tim Goldsworthy & James Murphy for the DFA

06 Much Finer (Flaxdatass mix) - Lauren Flax

Le Tigre Love Le Remixes