A Letter To You From Mike D

Dear Friend, Please join us in stopping a reckless energy plan from passing the Senate. Instead of solving the challenges posed by America's demand for energy, this shortsighted plan proposes that we develop some of the last pristine wilderness left in America, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We can't let this happen. We're beginning our actions on February 11th, and we won't stop until a real energy bill is passed. Please join us in taking action now by sending your Senator a free fax at: http://www.saveourenvironment.org/miked

This dangerous energy plan has already been passed by the House of Representatives, and was written with the help of oil industry
lobbyists. The Senate is our last line of defense. If we don't act
now, our world will be forever changed.

There are alternatives. Senate Majority Leader Daschle has introduced an energy bill that would jump start investment in clean electricity, increase fuel efficiency of cars and trucks, and does not open places like the Arctic to harmful drilling. This bill includes a "renewable portfolio standard," which would require utilities by 2020 to increase by 10 percent the electricity generated by wind, solar, and other forms of renewable power. In fact, many scientists believe that it is technologically and economically feasible to reach a 20 percent increase by 2020. And by raising the fuel economy standards for new cars, SUVs, and trucks to 40 mpg, we would save 4 million barrels of oil a day by 2020 - more oil than we import from the Persian Gulf each day and could expect to get from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, combined!

We need your help - now -- in convincing the Senate to protect the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and support a real energy plan.
Please forward this email to your friends, and go to: http://www.saveourenvironment.org/miked


Mike Diamond


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Source: Mike D

A Letter To You From Mike D