Live: Dovetail Joint Fly High At The Metro

Chicagoís one and only Dovetail Joint held their CD release party Sunday (2/17) at the Metro, treating fans to an hourís worth of top notch material, old and new. Although the eveningís main goal was to promote the release of the bandís self-produced EP From The Underclass, it seemed as if no promotion was necessary at all. In fact, the packed house decided to help frontman Chuck Gladfelter with vocal duties on the majority of the songs, including those off the new record. From the opening notes of "This Is My Home", the front row was packed full of kids trying to reach out and touch the band, not quite Michael Jackson-style fainting and crying, but close. As the 13 song set wore on, the energy in the room reached danger levels, with blistering versions of "Gassed", "Level On The Inside", and the unreleased "Growing Up On Television"(a personal favorite). Dovetail closed strong with an extended version of "Lullaby" that left the crowd chanting for more. Of course, no CD release party would be complete without a mad dash to merchandise, where the starry-eyed teens and twentysomethings plunked down hard earned tip money for some Dovetail carry-out. Click more for a complete track list.

Dovetail Joint Track List 2/17

This Is My Home


Here We Are

Cool your head

Have It Your Way



Half Of Nothing

Level On The Inside

Everybody falls apart

Growing Up On Television



Live: Dovetail Joint Fly High At The Metro