Donít Worry About Me ñ We Know Youíre Here!

Tuesday was the official release date for Joey Ramoneís solo record, Donít Worry About Me. The release party was held at, where else, the basement of CBGBís Gallery complete with bar and pizza oven. It was a great atmosphere and there was a real positive feel coming from everyone. After all, we were there to celebrate. To celebrate our friendís life and his last contribution to a music world where he paved the way for so many artists. Joey was a great artist and a great friend. I mostly thought about how generous he was with his friends as I walked around Tuesday night and listened to the new record playing over the PA. I spoke with Charlotte, Joeyís Mom, for about 5 minutes and she too was in a great mood. She said sheís been well and very busy lately, which has been helping her. She said she really loves the new record and listens to this one a lot ñ as she used to not listen to the Ramones records so much.

I said my hellos to many old friends including Monte Melnick (former Ramones tour manager), Daniel Rey (producer and musician on the record) and Handsome Dick Manitoba from the Dictators.

This record really is a positive album. All the tunes are classic Joey Ramone and they really make you smile as you hear his voice again.

"Donít Worry About Me" he sings ñ and for a good amount of time last year when Joey wasn't well, I was. But now, I hear those lyrics and I know that he was smiling down on us all night and saying ñ I'm ok - and enjoy the music.

Donít Worry About Me ñ We Know Youíre Here!