Everybody Hertz.

This statement may or may not be accurate, but I am fairly certain that I Jason Anfinsen, am the greatest AIR fan on this or any other planet. J.B. and Nicholas enlisted an amazing panel of producers and artists to pick apart and reconstruct a fistful of sounds found on 10,000 Hz. Legend.

"Don't Be Light" - The Mr. Oizo remix contains some spoken word excerpts from Beck, and a traditional head bobbing beat that would make Flat Eric cut a rug. Neptunes tag the track with their laid back signature soul-hop beat flavor, with a few ill rhymes thrown in for good measure. Malibu serve fools up a tasty synthetic dance dish.

"How Does It Make You Feel" - The Adrian Sherwood mix is revolutionary in its gratifying fusion of classic reggae ska beats with filtered voices from the robotic future. By far the coolest song that I have heard this year!

"People In The City" - The live video provides justice for the French duo's preminition of a day in the life of now, operating at over 300 BPMs.
Modjo's version of the single grooves like a smoke-filled jazz club in the early 1900s on the South side of Chicago, while Jack Lahana's work could double as a hidden Jay-Z or Nas battle track.

"Don't Be Light" - The Hacker version is so New Wave '80s it's scary. The track pastes a neon pink jumpsuit onto your bod, feathers your hair, and straps you into a fully loaded Fiero for a cocaine filled, Less Than Zero lifestyle.

"The Way You Look Tonight" feels almost as good as time off for good behavior from prison, as its "previously unreleased" label makes it an unexpected surprise on this super rad remix album. Hert(z) yourself.JASON ANFINSEN

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Everybody Hertz.