You Drove Me To It

Rising from the ashes of the now-defunct junior Ash-a-likes, Symposium,
Hell Is For Heroes have moved a long way from the pop-punk of their previous act.
There may be two remaining members, but the sound is light years away, as they now bring
the rock like Tool or fellow UK buzz band Hundred Reasons (Player
#18) and this UK quintet seems destined for great things. Managed in the States by
Limp Bizkit's management, recording in the Southern California studio that
spawned Nirvana's Nevermind and being produced by the men who brought
you the excellent Swedish thrash that was Refused, Hell Is For Heroes
seem to be getting all the building blocks right. Now all that is left to see is the final
completed construction. Should be a fun process.

Hell Is For Heroes

You Drove Me To It