Live: The Faint & Their Noisy Pop

The Faint, the pride of Omaha, Nebraska, took the stage last night as part of the
10th annual Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco in front of an over-sold crowd and
disappoint they did not; the nu-skool new wave quintet were all that was expected and
more. Leading off with the punch of "Glass Danse" off their excellent 2001
album-of-the-year contender Danse Macabre, the band whipped the crowd into a
frenzy. They upped the ante with the next track, "Your Retro Career Melted" and held the
fever pitch for the remainder of the show. Their stage show has been improved, from
increased smoke and choreographed flashing lights to a yellowish front lighting that brings
to mind Moulin Rouge, and their attitude and energy is virtually unmatched.
"Agenda Suicide" and "Worked Up (So Sexual)" rounded out the show, via encore, and the
hipper than hip Noise Pop crowd slowly filed out the door, having had their asses
thoroughly kicked by one of the best live acts currently touring. Get your ass to a
Faint show pronto and see why No Doubt were so set on adding them to
their upcoming tour.

Live: The Faint & Their Noisy Pop