BYO Split Series Volume III

If this were a battle, NOFX would definitely prevail as the winner over Rancid in this split EP. Two of punk rock's greatest entites cover six of each other's songs for the third installment of the fan favorite split series from BYO records. Rancid come out swinging with Lint on vocals for a scathing rendition of "Moron Bros." Lars adds lead vox for a faily accurate telling of "Stickin In My Eye," and the Jewish drinking anthem "Brews." Lint comes back to the mic for "Bob" which couldn't miss even if Beatlejuice was trying to sing. Unfortunately for "Don't Call Me White"'s sake Matt Freeman is a much better bass player than singer. He stunks up the place, just like he did on most Rancid's first self-titled album. "Vanilla Sex" was a nice rarity for the crew to dig up, and reservice.

NOFX, like Method Man did on his solo debut, bring the pain. "I'm The One," "Tenderloin," and "Radio" were three of the best tracks plucked from Let's Go, the band's tightest and most successful record. Fat Mike and the always entertaining El Jefe add a little Fat Albert voice on "I'm The One"'s hey hey hey chorus. "Olympia WA" is such a great jam, and the NOFX nailed it for a perfect score. The Tim/Billie Joe Armstrong collaboration, "Radio," was turned into a chilled out ska single, which reinforces the idea that a band can change the song however they want to when they cover it.

Rancid / NOFX
BYO Records

BYO Split Series Volume III