Jeff Trott Brings The Future Of Music To SXSW

Singer / songwriter Jeff Trott, who made a name for himself by co-writing 14 songs on Sheryl Crowís Grammy award-winning album The Globe Sessions, has stormed to the forefront of modern recording technology. Trottís first solo effort, Dig Up the Astroturf, is the first album released on the new DVD audio format. The album was mixed and mastered to specifically take advantage of DVD audioís 5.1 separate audio channels, making for some amazing listening. Trott will be heading to SXSW this month for three shows and to discuss the advantages of DVD audio. A stereo version of the record will be available in April.


March 11th Stubbs 11:00pm

March 12th Steamboat 1 1:00pm

March 14th Ruta Maya 1:00am

Jeff Trott Brings The Future Of Music To SXSW