Leftfield Leave Playing Field Entirely

Dance music stalwarts Leftfield have decided to hang it up and call it quits. The
duo, who formed 12 years ago, recorded two excellent studio albums, 1995's seminal
Leftism and 2000's Rhythm and Stealth, which included collaborations with
Iggy Pop and Afrika Bambaataa amongst others. Neil Barnes and
Paul Daley will each fill their time by engaging themselves in their respective solo musical projects. According to nme.com,
Daley was quoted as saying, "Thanks to everyone from fans to promoters to DJ's
and to listeners who have supported us over the years. THIS IS NOT THE END," while
Barnes contributed, "Thanks to all the people we have worked with over the years
and to everyone that promoted and bought our records. THE END IS JUST THE
BEGINNING." So, IF I GET THEIR POINT, it sounds like there will be more digital quality from the boys in the future.

Leftfield Leave Playing Field Entirely