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Ya Don't See The Signs (Grant Nicolas Remix)

One of the brightest stars of the UK hip-hop scene, producer Mark B and rapper
Blade hail from Kingston, a 'burb of London that also spawned DJ Vadim.
Something is in the water there, as it makes the beats grow on trees. This excellent nugget
has been totally re-made, with Grant Nicolas, the frontman and guitarist of UK
power-poppers Feeder, writing all the music and ripping the licks on "Ya Don't See
The Signs." The beats are filled out, sadly, by the late Feeder drummer Jon
Lee, but this song hits hard and hits often. As someone once said "jump around, jump
around, jump up, jump up and get down," because this song will make you do just that.

Mark B & Blade

Ya Don't See The Signs (Grant Nicolas Remix)