Latch Brothers Have XBOX Fever

Beastie Boy Mike Dís side project, The Latch Brothers, have written and recorded five new songs for the newly released XBOX game Jet Set Radio Future. The Latch Brothers are made up of Mike D, Maryís Danish bassist Wag, and former Grand Royal go-to-guy Tick. Along with the five newly recorded tunes, the trio also remixed tracks from former Grand Royal artists Bran Van 3000, The Prunes and Ad-Rockís BS2000 for use in the game. According to MTV, JSRFís in-game soundtrack has a total of 30 songs including previously released tracks from Blues Explosion drummer Russell Simins, Bis, Cibo Matto, and Scapegoat Wax. Also available as a bonus to people who buy the game from, is a companion audio soundtrack which is the final LP to bear the Grand Royal name. The game itself features a troop of inline skaters who defy the powers that be by laying down graffiti across the wild landscape of a future city.

Tracklist to the companion CD

Hideki Naganuma - "The Concept of Love"

The Latch Brothers - "Ill Victory Beat"

Russell Simins - "I'm Not a Model"

The Latch Brothers - "Me Likey the Poom Poom"

Cibo Matto - "Birthday Cake"

The Latch Brothers - "Count Latchula"

Scapegoat Wax - "Aisle 10"

The Latch Brothers - "Koto Stomp"

The Prunes - "Rockin' the Mic" (Latch Brothers Remix)

Richard Jacques - "What About the Future"

Latch Brothers Have XBOX Fever