Muses Back To Throw Down Another Album

Boston-based 1980s and '90s faves Throwing Muses are re-entering the fray and
have decided to reform the act that meant so much to so many. The band, who released such indie classics as 1990's
Hunkpapa and the following year's The Real Ramona for 4AD, will feature
vocalists Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donnelly (on backing vocals), as well as
bassist Bernard Georges and drummer David Narcizo. The Muses
have entered the studio to record a new album, and although the material is already being
mixed, it is not expected to see the light of day until 2003. One tasty tidbit, however, is that
you can hit the band/Kristin Hersh's website at and enter
into a subscription-based plan, whereby it is possible to receive one new song a month, in
demo form, in the shape of a download. Some tracks are new, while some are demos of
older Muses songs. Wow, this interweb thing is crazy, indeed.

Muses Back To Throw Down Another Album