22 Down

The three members of The Best Intentions have been cultivating their power-pop
roots since they met over ten years ago at school. Powered by a love of Weezer,
Nirvana and Bad Religion, the boys release their debut triple A-side single
for Greenhorn Records, after releasing an EP a year prior on up-and-coming tastemaker
label 1970 Recordings. In keeping with their influences, they definitely have a distinctly
American sound, but rather than sounding like that excellent triumvirate, "22 Down" falls in
Goo Goo Dolls territory, back when the Buffalo three-piece still used electric
guitars and were being ripped off by Metal Blade. Quintessential power-pop and hooky as
hell. They really must have the best intentions after all: to make great pop songs. JEREMY P. GOLDSTEIN

The Best Intentions
Greenhorn Records

22 Down