Tectonic Plates Collide Along Faultlines, So Do Rock Stars

UK DJ David Kosten has managed to recruit some of alternative rockís biggest stars for his Faultline projectís sophomore effort. According to Billboard, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, Coldplayís Chris Martin, former Verve axe-man Nick McCabe, and the Flaming Lipsí Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd will all make appearances on the album. Entitled Your Love Means Everything, the star-studded Faultline release will hit the shelves in the UK in may, though international release is still being worked out. Thirsty Ear Records, which was responsible for the US issue of Faultlineís debut Closer Colder in 1999, will not be involved with Your Love Means Everything, according to a spokesperson at the label.

Track Listing:

Your Love Means Everything

Where Is My Boy? ñ Chris Martin

Sweet Iris

Bitter Kiss


The Colossal Gray Sunshine ñ Drozd & Coyne


Theme For Half Speed

Greenfields ñ Michael Stipe

Lost Broadcast ñ Nick McCabe

I Only Know Myself

Your Love Means Everything Part 2

Tectonic Plates Collide Along Faultlines, So Do Rock Stars