Live: Ash @ Bowery Ballroom

Britpop diehards (the "real" ones, not these new johnny-come-lately
star/play/bow lovers) were out in full force last night in NYC to see the long awaited return of Irish rockers, Ash. It's been at least four years since Ash have pleased their US fans with any live shows and anticipation was at an all-time high. A packed Bowery Ballroom saw one of the biggest bands in Europe run through a selection of the greatest hits and new material from their current UK smash album, Free All Angels. With yet ANOTHER new record company behind the band, Free All Angels will finally get released in the U.S. sometime this summer.

Tim Wheeler and his never ending series of Flying V guitars, led the band through a tight, action packed 80 minute set. Highlights included, "Goldfinger," "Girl From Mars," "Shining Light," "Numbskull," "Angel Interceptor," a cover of the Weezer classic "Only In Dreams," and the soon to be released first U.S. single, "Burn Baby Burn." Tim and company, which includes the luscious Shirley Manson type - Charlotte Hatherley on guitar, the "scary tall" bass player Mark Hamilton and the red mohawked drummer, Rick McMurray, filled the stage and floored the sold out crowd.

With all of the accolades a band could want or receive in Europe, Ash seem to have set their sights on developing their US fan base. A reluctance to tour in the past, has really held Ash back from any sort of success in America, but armed with a radio friendly album and two solid singles, Ash seem to be poised for success. With a pop-punk sound that is more friendly than most Britpop bands, the chance for Ash to crossover to American radio is now.

See this band, pull out their old stuff and get ready for yet another Britpop band marketing explosion.

Source: Patrick Schmidt, Y100

Live: Ash @ Bowery Ballroom