Live - Indie Kids In SF Visit The Clinic

Dressing up like ER doctors is the coolest! Well, Clinic think so, and who am I to
tell them differently? The Liverpudlian quartet made their tour stop in San Francisco last
evening for a sold out show at the bordello-turned-live-music-venue, Great American Music
Hall. It was plenty hot inside; I mean, I understand it's a sold out show, but it's March! In
San Francisco! It's not supposed to be hot inside! The room full of hipsters didn't seem to
mind, however, and the Clinicians hit the stage at 11 PM sharp to rapturous
applause. They worked through many songs in their short 45 minute set, mainly due to the
fact that most songs are three minutes and under. Highlights included "Harmony," the
punky "Pet Eunuch," the sparse "Come Into Our Room" and the laid-back groove of the
title track to their latest album Walking With Thee (this song is a JAM, just ask
Robert English). Other standouts from their debut Internal Wrangler were
the title track, "2/4" and "Distortions." With their Neu-like drone-rock sound,
electro drum machine thump and groovy organ vibe and punk and quirky elements
sprinkled in, it's no wonder Radiohead picked them for the opening act on their last
world tour. I just want to know how you play a harmonica and a melodica through a
surgical mask...

Live - Indie Kids In SF Visit The Clinic