Live - Death And Dismemberment Tour Destroys Chicago's Metro

Fuck the Oscars! Last night I was served with two helpings of classic American independent rock and roll. The much talked about and highly anticipated Death And Dismemberment Tour, featuring two of the indie worldís finest standouts, Death Cab For Cutie and The Dismemberment Plan, stole the focus from the golden statue in Chicago last night, pleasing close to 3,000 kids at the world famous Cabaret Metro. Both bands are quartets and when the time comes, members of each crew play different instruments in sort of a ìmusical chairsî type setting. I usually wonít check out a show unless I actually own and like a CD. I just donít have the patience to sit and listen to every ìBisco Biscuits and the Heavy Gravy Boat Squadî band that strolls into the spotlight. I did however acquire the latest critically acclaimed piece from The Plan, Change, which triggered my ìme likeyî bone after the second time that I listened to it, and I knew all about the Death Cab from our indier than Indiana Jones interns that always blast the loveable sounds.

Death Cab For Cutie are from Seattle. They could give a shit about Nirvana or Soundgarden, but I am certain that the Cab have done their share of listening to Sunny Day Real Estate, as their adorable sound feels similar to the emo granddaddies and Built To Spill. Their latest reason for being, The Photo Album, captured some great songs including ìA Movie Script Ending,î ìI Was A Kaleidoscope,î and ìWe Laugh Indoorsî which were almost as delightful to hear as seeing Gwyneth Paltrowís boobs on my Oscarís tape later in the evening. If you have some spare change, you should get some Death Cab music. All of their records are tight, the vocals and chords are exquisite, and you can always make out to it.

The Dismemberment Plan are from Washington D.C. They walk like it, talk like it, and, hellz yeah, they play like it. The four boys once called Interscope their daddy, but just like in life, when daddy doesnít love his kids, the kids need to go out and find a new daddy. The collective hats have since been hung at DeSoto Records (run by Kim Coletta and owned by hubby J. Robbins). This band is like John Holmes...just when you thought you couldnít take anymore, they continue to ram the good stuff down your throat, and you love it, and always crave more. A few solids were dispersed from the Emergency and I record, ìWhat Do You Want Me To Sayî and ìYou Are Invited,î along with ìDismemberment Plan Get Richî from their super funktastic split EP with Juno. Highlights from the spectacular Change album include, ìSentimental Man,î ìFace Of The Earth,î ìPay For The Pianoî and my personal two favorite tracks ìTime Bomb,î and ìSuperpowers.î Very good, so very very good.

For a lack of better words this tour has been a great ìsuccessî (whatever that means to you). The shows are selling out faster than Gene Simmons, great fucking bands are playing their best possible music, and who doesnít love collecting mass quantities of scene points? Thanks to the nice people at Hopper PR for making sure that I didnít have to pay like everyone else. I realize that radio programmers love the Oasis, Doves, Beck, and Korn, but donít ever forget the roots of independent rock and roll and how sweet it is.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Live - Death And Dismemberment Tour Destroys Chicago's Metro