Live - My Vitriol Sonically Slays San Francisco

After seeing them in April of 2000 at Camden Underworld, as well as last week's two
shows in Austin, including the in-store at Waterloo and the stunningly dynamic
showcase at Element, it was time for My Vitriol to make their Northern
California debut at popscene. The band were a bit weary from their whirlwind tour of the
States, having gone from Austin to LA for two ¸ber-sold out shows at the Viper Room
and Spaceland, as well as countless press engagements, but by the time they hit the stage, they seemed rejuvenated.

songs were to be presented on this night, and the foursome from London kicked it off
with one of many instrumental interludes, "Deadlines." For those of you unfamiliar with
their brilliant debut, Finelines, there are quite a few vocal-less tracks on the album,
songs used as segueways between movements on the album, and live it is no different.
The band interspersed these instrumental jams in between songs, to ensure the flow was
as they wished. Vocal track "The Gentle Art of Choking" led to the brief instrumental
"Kohlstream," which in turn kickstarted the incendiary "Cemented Shoes." My
Vitriol can be described as Kurt Cobain and Robin Guthrie of
Cocteau Twins joining Swervedriver, and that phrase would never have
been more true than on the explosive single "Always: Your Way." There aren't enough
complementary words to describe this band. The quartet wrapped the amazing show
with the meandering yet engaging "Tongue Tied," flowing into the tongue-in-cheek
Bizkit-baiting "C.O.R.(Critic Oriented Rock)." Just get your ass to see them
when they hit our shores again this summer: the atmospheric dynamism of My
Vitriol will stick with you, perhaps as the most exciting thing you hear in

The set list was as follows:


The Gentle Art of Choking


Cemented Shoes



Losing Touch

Alpha Waves

Always: Your Way

Tongue Tied/C.O.R.

Live - My Vitriol Sonically Slays San Francisco