Waldeck To Tap US For April Lounge Tour, Remix Album Due In May

Austrian electronica guru Waldeck is gearing up for a six-date Stateside lounge tour. The trek will mark the producer / artistís first coast to coast US tour and will coincide with the release of a remix album. Entitled The Night Garden Æ, the album ignites fresh interpretations of classic Waldeck tracks by some of the worldís hottest remixers, including UK DJ Herbert, Franceís Kid Loco, and Viennese hip hop producer Urbs. The album is set to drop on May 21 via E-Magine Entertainment. The Night Garden Æ tour kicks off on April 4th at Joeís Pub in NYC and wraps on April 11 at the Bossa Nova in LA. Click more for The Night Garden Æ track listing and complete tour dates.

The Night Garden Æ Lounge Tour:

04.04.02 ñ New York, NY (Joeís Pub)

04.05.02 ñ New York, NY (Tirbeca Grand Hotel)

04.06.02 ñ Miami, FL (Honey)

04.08.02 ñ Seattle, WA (Baltic Room)

04.10.02 ñ San Francisco, CA (SÈance @ Backflip)

04.11.02 ñ Los Angeles, CA (Bossa Nova)

The Night Garden Æ Track Listing:

"This Isnít Maybe" ñ Mushroom Diveís Lo Fly Push Up 2002

"Fallen Angel" ñ Urbs Remix

"Slowly" ñ Mushroom Diveís Frantic Ballroom Blitz

"I Talk To The Wind" ñ Kid Loco Meets Orpheus Uptown Mix

"Cut More Cheese" ñ Remastered SupercheeseTM

"Floater" ñ Dubblestandart Remix

"Tears Running Dry Part 1" ñ Mushroom Diveís Jazz Cut

"Tears Running Dry Part 2" ñ Herbertís Level Dub

"This Isnít Maybe" ñ Markís Underlevel Dub

"Catpeople Dub" ñ Jung Collective Rehash

"Out of Trumpets" ñ Original SupercheeseTM

Waldeck To Tap US For April Lounge Tour, Remix Album Due In May